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Over the years playing MMOs, I've often got engaged in the artwork side of things as well. Be it painting character portraits for fellow players, creating fan art or sometimes even offering feedback to developers. There are some cool tidbits amongst all the fan art I've done, so I thought it would be worth showing some of the tastiest bits here.

While playing Ultima Onlne back in the day, I would offer to "paint" miniature pixel portraits of player's characters selling them at 500K gold. Made a nice little sum of money doing it too! Here are some of the best.

As UO got older and the team got smaller, more and more outsourced artwork or "quick and dirty" renders were introduced into the game with artwork that was not consistent with the original style of the game. I decided to experiement and see how they might look and did pixel versions in my own vision of how they should look. Read more about this here.

In 2009 I created a guild called "The Elders". It started off as a small roleplaying guild on the EU servers of WoW, but these days it's expanded into an online community in which hundreds of players play various other MMOs together as well. But back when we were still a small WoW guild, I used to make profile pictures for the members by doing paintovers of screenshots of their characters. The transformation was quite striking in some of them, my favorite being the spiky haired male blood elf. Oh and the top picture is a collage I made of how our upcoming New Years party might look in the caverns of Un'goro.