The first time I used 3Ds Max professionally, was when I was hired into the UIC (User Interface Content) division of Nokia Mobile Phones and was put into the 9300/9500 communicator project. One of my responsibilities was taking care of the 3d icons. At the time, I was a novice at modelling but self taught myself over the span of a few weeks with the aid of the tutorial book. With a lot of trial and error, I managed to complete the task successfully. Although the meshes left much to be desired, this was unimportant since all models would be rendered as bitmaps and scaled down to a tiny size. All that mattered was that the end result be beautiful and stylish. In this I think I succeeded well! You can read more about the project on the UI page.

I have always loved the horses of the legacy 2d client in Ultima Online and wanted to experiment with making a low poly version of one myself. The mesh is probably not the way it's "supposed" to be for correct animation, but I'm still happy with how the anatomy turned out. This was also the first time trying out envelopes.

Although my main job during the Tower Bloxx Deluxe projects was to create 2d assets, I got the chance to make some sky props as well. This plump little plane was one of them.

Some Sculptris experimentations.